Tense and Terrible, These 5 Korean Horror Movies Can't Miss

Tense and Terrible, These 5 Korean Horror Movies Can’t Miss

South Korea is very famous for its drama which is so epic. The stories raised are also so diverse ranging from romantic stories, to action dramas that greatly entertain Korean drama lovers.

However, not only is the drama alone, but Korean films also have excellent quality to include on the list of favorite movies.

Although it is famous for its romantic genre drama, it turns out that Korean movies with a horror genre also have a special place in the hearts of movie lovers! this is because Korean horror movies present stories that are with remarkable plot.

Not only is the storyline interesting and unpredictable but the cinematography is also very informative, color tone selection and background adjustment that are not responsible for are comparable to why many Korean horror movies are loved by film lovers. Apart from such things the use of sounds to strain the audience is so well-setting.

So for those of you who haven’t tried to watch Korean horror movies here are 5 recommendations of South Korean horror movies that will give your fur goose bumps.

5 Korean Horror Movies Can’t Miss

1. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)

The film wears a back of hospital mental pain Gonjiam who is in South Korea. The asylum is famous for its anglers and has been closed since 1996.

Quoted from kompas.com rum reason this pain itself is closed due to the large number of rumors spreading that there are many patients and nurses who die painfully.

By using setting hospital the soul, Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum told about a youtuber and some of his friends challenging themselves to do a live exploration into a hospital that has been 25 such years.

At first they were fine arm first broke their legs in the area around the hospital, but the more night and the more they got into there were many bad things happening to they are. This movie is highly recommended to those of you who like about horror and adventure stories, because it can take you along just like you guys a rade in a movie.

2. Death Bell (2008)

Death Bell himself by one of the South Korean famous actors that is Kim Bum. The movie also drew so much attention because the carnage committed in such films was so terrible.

Not only events which is terrible, it was reported from okezone.com that the film also had to solve so many mysteries going on inside the school.

Using setting four boarding schools, adding to the horror impression so attached to the movie. Because at one point they were trapped inside the school and had to solve a lot of things so that no more victims would be killed.

This movie is a perfect match watched for those of you who like horror dramas against the backdrop of school grounds.

3. The Piper (2015)

The film was produced in 2015 told of a father and son who got lost in a remote village after a prolonged war ended in South Korea. Such a beautiful village made this Father and Son think of staying there.

But it turns out that the village which they think is beautiful. It’s a village with a lot of rat pests.

According to Orami.co.id recognizing the large number of pests in the village the Dad also had an initiative to help the people in the village, and it turned out that terrible things started to happen after that. This movie is very good for those of you who love a draining movie emotions and tears.

4. Warning: Do Not Play (2019)

The movie itself starred by top artist Seo Yes-Ji, and produced in 2019. Quoted from Kompas.com this one horror movie told about a person named Mi-Jung hearing about a banned movie and curious about the movie.

Although it has got a lot prohibition and advice he remained firm on finding the forbidden film until he met the director who worked on the film.

Same with the others, the director also banned Mi-Jung from finding out and telling her to stop looking for the whereabouts of the film. However, Mi-Jung did not listen to it until the moment she found such a movie and brought it to a strange and terrible state.

5. The Grotesque Mansion (2021)

a recently released movie on The middle of this year can also be on your favorite movie list. The movie has interesting stories and lines as well as there is a moral message that can be taken from the movie.

Reported from imdb.com this movie told a story about a webtoon comicist who was dead-end in search of a story idea so he came to an old apartment building that distorted so many mysteries. As soon as he was there, he was disambigued by an apartment guard who is so old and seeks to kidnap the stories in the apartment building.

However due to the demands of demands as a webtoon creator, he was asked by the company to make a longer story so he decided to return to the apartment building. yet it was unfortunate the return he get there being a calamity to himself.

Final Words

So, do you guys want watch these 5 Korean horror movies?

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