Here's 4 Korean Thriller Movies on Netflix That Are Ready for Your Adrenaline Test

Here’s 4 Korean Thriller Movies on Netflix That Are Ready for Your Adrenaline Test

Thriller movies often become the right solution when we feel bored. This is because a thriller can destroy adrenaline with its suspenseful plot and sometimes unpredictable plot.

Added to the presence of online streaming platforms such as Netflix, the choice of thriller films has become very diverse. For those of you interested, here are 5 recommendations of Korean thriller movies that are ready entertain your day.

Korean Thriller Movies on Netflix

1. Memoirs of A Murderer (2017)

Film directed by Shin-Yeon Won is an action, crime and thriller film adapted from a novel called ‘Salinjaui Gieokbeob’ by Kim Young-Ha. The story revolves around a serial killer named Kim Byeong-Su (Sol Kyung-gu).

However, in the present, himself this is not a serial killer but just an ordinary father who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, even though he could escape from the grip of his brutal past, Kim Byeong-Su had to re-enter the cruel world when he suspected that boyfriend his daughter was a murderer.

2. Lucid Dream (2017)

In contrast to the two movies before this, Lucid Dream is a movie that features sci-fi and thriller genres. The story revolves around an investigative journalist, Choi Dae-ho (Go Soo), who seeks to rediscover his kidnapped son three years earlier. When his search was in real world didn’t work out, Choi Dae-ho sought to use lucid dream to look for his son.

with the help of a detective and psychiatrist, he sought to enter the dream world to look back on the beginning of the incident.

3. Forgotten (2017)

Forgotten focus films to a mystery that befell brother Jin-Suk (Kang Ha Neul). One day his brother, Yoo Suk (Kim Mu Yeol), is kidnapped by an unknown group of people.

It is also causing the family An Jin-Suk family panicked and immediately contacted a detective to search for Yoo Suk’s whereabouts. Surprisingly, 19 days after the incident, Yoo Suk returned home by himself. But, he doesn’t remember anything about the kidnapping. What’s more, Yoo Suk’s attitude began to become unusual and made Jin-Suk suspicious.

As a result, Jin-Suk too decided to find out what was really going on.

4. The Chase (2017)

The Chase constitutes thriller film that tells a collaboration between a detective, Park Pyung-Dal (Sung Dong-iI) and the owner of a property, Sim Duk-Soo (Baek Yoon-Sik).

His second meeting started when many people disappeared in the area that Sim Duk-Soo lived in. Due to the alarming number, Park Pyung-Dal came to investigate what the truth was happen.

In the middle of a process, he found that the case was similar to a serial killer case that occurred 30 years. Seeing that the serial killer was back in action, the two worked together catch the culprit.

Final Words

That’s the four thriller movies Korean who is ready to test your adrenaline.

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