8 Recommendations a Japanese Horror Movie, So the Idea of Entertainment in Free Time

8 Recommendations a Japanese Horror Movie, So the Idea of Entertainment in Free Time

There are many activities that can Moms do when the spare time. For example, watching a Japanese horror movie that may be suitable for Moms with brave souls. Not inferior to Western films, Japanese horror films also present an interesting and suspenseful storyline experience. In addition, you can get to know the history or culture of Sakura country indirectly through Japanese horror films.

In fact, many people who call a Japanese horror movie as a movie than a horror film from other countries. But the truth is, the opinion relies on the preferences of each person. Japanese horror movie has a storyline diverse, ranging from a story lifted from real events, urban legend or a story of myth and legend, until combined fictitious with the real world through animation. All interesting treats that could be Moms choose to watch when luang.

Recommendations A Japanese Horror Movie

Without lingering any longer, let’s consider the recommendations of the Japanese horror movie below.

Ju-On: The Grudge (2002)

Japanese horror films titled Ju-On its release in 2002, it tells the story of the curse of a house once occupied by a family of Takeo Saeki. The beginning of this curse comes because Saeki has killed his wife Kayako, his son, Toshio, and a pet black cat Toshio. The spirits of Kayako and Toshio that revenge was condemned anyone to come or stay in the house. The storyline is about a series of terror curse of Kayako and Toshio on each person associated with that house, one of them overwrite Rika Nishina.

Death Note (2006)

As the name implies, Japanese horror films this tells the story of a book of death. Death Note is the film adaptation of the Japanese animated (anime) popular pretty terrible. How not, Death Note tells the story school student named Light Yagami who finds the book of the dead that have been discarded by Ryuk, god of death. When the Light curious about the workings of the book, he was trying to write down the name of a villain. Really, the name of the villain in question died instantly. From these events, Light finally think to complete all the evils that exist in the world with the help of the Death Note. However, in the event of death streak makes an investigator named L suspiciously and trying to investigate who the perpetrators of this murder case.

Dark Water (2002)

Dark Water directed by Hideo Nakata tells about the figure of a woman named Yoshimi, a single mother in the middle of a divorce. He decided to move into a shabby apartment for the sake of proving that he is able to take care of the princess alone. However, the strangeness began to occur because the building is dilapidated make the ceiling the apartment has a black stain and leak so that it continues to release water. Not to mention, the awkwardness that comes from the appearance of the hair in the water faucets. That’s where the terror of a ghost in the apartment they started. As it turns out, a series of terror horrible ghost that befell Yoshimi and her daughter have a relationship with the residents of old who lived in the apartments above them.

One Missed Call (2003)

As the name implies, One Missed Call telling me about a phone call that is recorded in the voice mailbox. However, a phone call is not a regular phone, but rather a mysterious phone call. The incidence of this intense befall a woman named Yumi and her friends. A mysterious phone call that came from each of their own phone number, which contains the message brief conversation of themselves in the future, shortly before the death of the mysterious pick them up one by one. Strangeness and many events don’t make sense ensued and accompanied by sightings of the ghosts of long-haired women. Dare to watch it, Moms?

Noroi: The Curse (2005)

The story begins when a woman named Masafumi Kobayashi, a journalist who has raised a supernatural phenomenon since 1995. He also completed his last case by making a documentary video called”curse”. From the video, supernatural events and unsolved “curses” are revealed. It is known that the curse originated from a mysterious satanic ritual carried out by the community as a form of opposition to the construction of a dam in a small town.

Ringu (1998)

Ringu tells the story of a mystery videotape, which, if played, must be solved by the audience. Otherwise, a ghost in white with long hair named Sadako will kill the viewer. The Video comes from the darkness created by Sadako, ghost in white with a face covered in long hair straggling who want to do the terror of the curse. The Film the work of director named Hideo Nakata this can make the Moms who watch the curious who are the figure of Sadako’s the truth. In the end of the film, Sadako appears with a way out of an old well and penetrated TV. Sadako the move by crawling implies the horror and suffering because her dress looked shabby, the hair hung down, dirty, and a lot of injuries in the hand.

Sadako vs Kayako (2016)

Sadako vs Kayako tells the story about two friends named Yuri and Natsumi. They buy a video player tape longer than a store flea markets. They were surprised when they turned on the video tape and found that there was a tape in it. With curiosity, Yuri then advises Natsumi to turn on the tape with the video tape. But when She watched it, Yuri get a short message so that didn’t go see the video with Natsumi. As it turns out, the contents of these tapes is a video of the curse of Sadako, where anyone who watches it will die in two days after the previous one got a phone call. Yuri realized his mistake and then watch the video and hopes his best friend, Natsumi can be saved from the curse of the video Sadako.

The Confession (2010)

Japanese horror films of Confession is a film adaptation of the novel of the year 2008 the work of Kanae Minato. The Film which when translated means the recognition it contains about revenge. Told that a JUNIOR high school teacher at once single-mother, Yuko Moriguchi stating to stop teaching to his disciples. On his last day of teaching, he gave the startling recognition that there are two children in the class who had killed his daughter, Minami. Because both actors are still children will not receive a reply worth it due to the law of the state applicable, Moriguchi also intend to do a revenge as a form of punishment on both the students so that they understand about the significance of life. One way of revenge carried out Moriguchi is to enter the HIV-contaminated blood in the milk consumed by the two students.


That’s the Japanese Horo movie recommendation that Moms can make as an entertainment idea in their spare time. Are there any of the above Japanese horror movies that are already on the Moms watch list?

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