5 The Best Psychological Thriller, Full of Horrible Terror!

5 The Best Psychological Thriller, Full of Horrible Terror!

Jump scares are often used to scare audiences, especially in horror movies. However, it is different from psychological thriller movies that tend to slowly build up a spooky atmosphere to the point of eventually presenting terror to scare the audience.

Psychological thriller movies are rated as more successful creating scary shades than jump scene effects. Therefore, not a few like genre psychological thriller movies.

It also often has more difficult plots to guess. The existence of a plot twist becomes its own attraction that can keep the audience reminded of the movie.

For you terror-wrapped mystery film lovers, here are five recommendations for psychological thriller movies. Guaranteed to terrorize you until you get carried away with the dream!

Best Psychological Thriller

1. Case 39

When you working as a social worker, certainly it’s your duty to help the needy. Including the little girl who’s been abused by her parents. Like Emily, she tries to help Lilith who will be burned by her parents.

However, terror It’s terrible. Emily went through it when she rescued Lilith from her abusive parents. Emily had to deal with various incongruous events until she realized that there was a peculiarity in Lilith’s self. The movie starring Renee Zellweger and Jodelle Ferland are too dear to miss.

2. Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder represents a remake of the same titled movie released in 1990. Despite the remake, the movie that opened in 2019 presents a different ending from the previous one. Jacob’s Ladder is starring Michael Ealy, Jesse Williams, and Nicole Beharie.

The movie is separated a Vietnam war veteran who had just returned home from Afghanistan after his brother died. Unfortunately, Jacob experienced hallucinations that made him always remember the old days of war. Jacob found it hard to tell the reality that happened, so as to make it always terrorized the past.

3. The Ritual

The forest always succeed gives its own horror in the movie. The idea of getting lost in the middle of the woods by night alone has already worked to give the creeps.

The Ritual that This story was told by Netflix about a group of friends who did a hike in one of the forests located in Sweden. Who would have thought adventure which was originally full of such nostalgia instead ended disastrously.

They were forced to cut off a road with the intention of getting out of the woods faster. The decision forced them to stay overnight in the cabins. They must be face to face to a terrible terror never imagined before.

4. It Comes at Night

It Comes at Night flat out after the deadly disaster that left human existence on earth extinct. Not many of them managed to survive. Not to mention para Survivors are faced with “something” that comes every night that makes them paranoia.

Two families managed to survive trying to work together to avoid the terror of the deadly disease. The movie relates with the present state because they forced quarantine at home to survive.

However, what so when something they avoid is in their own home? Just watch it, please!

5. In the Tall Grass

In the Tall Grass is adaptation film feed from a novel written by Stephen King. The film begins with two brothers, Becky and Cal, who travel to San Diego.

When the car that your ride stopped, Becky heard a cry for help from the tall grass near them. The two decided to find the origin of the vote which made both entering grassy area.

However, finally older brother The brothers realized that there was no way out. Moreover they also experience a variety of terrible supernatural terrors.


After reading the recommendations some cool psychological thriller movies on top, roughly what number do you want to watch the most, here?

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