5 Ready to Shatter 2022 Thriller, Esther Coleman Back!

5 Ready to Shatter 2022 Thriller, Esther Coleman Back!

Entering 2022, sineas shakers are starting to race to bring good news to film lovers through their latest works. Some of these are thriller genre films wrapped in shock that spur adrenaline.

Part of the film is an extension of the story that had boomed a few years earlier. The movie adaptation that adapts the story of the leading book.

For lovers of this suspenseful movie, it is best to check out the five thriller works that will shock 2022 in the following year, please!

2022 Thriller

1. Death on The Nile

Be happy for it was you who became a fan of Agatha Christie’s legendary novel adaptation. By 2022, Death on the Nile is ready to take us for a walk on a luxury boat down the Nile with a thrill of horror.

Preferred release of February 2022, this film is about a leading detective, Hercule Poirot, investigating the death case of millionaire, Linnet Doyle, on board. After earlier, the woman revealed suspicions of having been followed by someone.

2. Shattered

Be shattered into salah one movie starring Cameron Monaghan as Chris and Lilly Krug as Sky. This thriller-wrapped love story will start haunting in the coming January 2022 in the United States.

Chris is a the father of one child who parted with his former spouse. He also found a new heart patch, a woman named Sky with a trait that is becoming increasingly strange. Until the moment of endangerment hit Chris life making must fight to survive desperately.

3. Scream 5

Ghostface is one of the iconic characters inside the thriller slasher called Scream. This figure is famous for its terrible characteristics. It has a wide black robe accompanied by a skull mask with a wide gaping mouth.

Ghostface terror first appeared in 1996. Lastly, the series aired Scream 4 which was released in 2011. Now, Sidney Prescott, who survived the Ghostface hunt, has to return to Woodsboro after finding a sign of attendance the murderer rose again.

4. The Northman

The Northman is one of the genre revenge thriller films that will color theaters in April 2022. Starring Alexander Skarsgard to Anya Taylor-Joy, the audience will be spoilt for the typical Viking-style shooting.

The story of the start when a boy named Amleth witnessed the abomination of a group of people who took his father’s life and took the mother. The anger that cultivated in Amleth’s heart delivered him for revenge when he was an adult.

5. Orphan: First Kill

Since his first movie Released in 2009, Orphan successfully terrorized the thriller world with the action of mesmerizing a psychopathic boy named Esther Coleman. Eleven years passed, Orphan First Kill started in the production stage and is scheduled to be present in 2022.

Still starring by longtime actress, Isabelle Fuhrman, this time the film raises the story before Orphan 2009 happened. A woman who ran away from a psychiatric home and pretended to live a life as a child of a wealthy parent, Esther Coleman.

Although there is no word yet It must be about the exact schedule of the prequel release of the phenomenal thriller, in fact there are already many Orphan fans who can’t wait to see the story of the continuation of this psychopathic horror.


Various interesting movies ready to shake the year 2022. After a long enough wait for the story of adrenaline spur, the five spectacle above is ready to present horror to comfort you in the near future. Hope no one’s release date is postponed again, yes!

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