5 Best Netflix Thriller for You to Watch Now

5 Best Netflix Thriller for You to Watch Now

Wow, October is already past. Many events themed with horror and Halloween throughout October. If you want to feel the horror mood by watching horror movies, check the list of thriller movies on Netflix as follows.

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Best Netflix Thriller

1. Fear Street Trilogy (2021)

The Fear Street trilogy constitutes three interrelated horror films. The movie takes inspiration from Scream. Tell me about Kiara Madeira, Deena, and her friend who had to deal with the curse of hundreds of years.

2. Nightbooks (2021)

Alex has a knack for making horror stories. Then she was kidnapped by Natacha, a witch who asked herself to be made a horror story every night.

Nightbooks tell stories about effort Alex to get out and run away from Natacha’s place. Nightbooks are classed as horror stories suitable for children to watch.

3. Army of the Dead (2021)

Army of the Dead storytelling a group of mercenaries who have a mission to Las Vegas to retrieve money from a large safe before the city is flattened with missiles. Surely their journey wasn’t that simple yes.

4. The Perfection (2018)

You’re the mystery type and guess what while watching the movie? Maybe you could try this one, Ladies. There are many unexpected twists as you follow Charlotte and Lizzie’s rivalry story.

5. His House (2020)

Tell me about 2 immigrants who quit his country because of the war and arrived in England. They reached a house that turned out to be waiting for them. Hiiiiā€¦

Final Words

The movie list is there. Just prepare some time, snacks, and friends to watch it. Have a good watch!

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