10 Thriller of the Year 2022 is Anticipated

10 Thriller of the Year 2022 is Anticipated

Entering the year 2022, then the request will film the thriller genre also more and more. What’s more on the pandemic that is not yet over requiring to stay at home even though the cinema has many open, but has a strict protocol to be able to watch in theaters. You must be wondering, what’s the difference between horror with thriller? Well the difference is the thriller genre has a purpose to make the audience tense and encouraged the adrenaline.

While the film genre of horror created only to provide a sense of fear for the audience. But basically, the genre of horror and thriller is still the same-the same creepy and suspenseful. There are quite a lot of thriller best and also the scariest that you can enjoy in the year 2022, the one with the genre of Psychological Horror. Well, on this occasion we will share recommendation of a horror movie of the year 2022 best and the scariest out, you anticipate its release. Let’s we see more details.

Thriller Of The Year 2022 Best

Scream – January 14, 2022

Scream which will be released on January 14, 2022 this will be the fifth sequel several sequels have been released. Previously been successful 4 sequel that Scream (1996), Scream 2 (1997), Scream 3 (2000) and Scream 4 (2011). Thriller of the year 2022 it will tell about the figure of the mysterious killer the iconic and dubbed the Ghostface. The Ghostface perform acts of terror killings are brutal and creepy to a group of teenagers in a small town, California.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Netflix) – February 18, 2022

Who is not familiar with Leatherface? The ruthless killers who often kills his victims with sadistic and often uses his chainsaw is rumored there will be a new film that will be aired on February 18, 2022. Yep if you do not see blood or slaughter, then a horror movie is you can’t skip, but if it is your favorites then this movie is mandatory viewing.

Morbius – April 1, 2022

Marvel movie certainly does not have to be solely a film that tells the story of a superhero, because in fact in a Marvel movie of Morbius is a movie with the genre as a horror movie. Morbius the plan will present on January 28, 2022, the film will tells the story of a Biologist and a biochemistry Greece who suffer from blood disorders rare, so the results of the experiment make it into a Vampire.

The Black Phone – 24 June 2022

The Film titled The Black Phone would be the thriller that aired on February 4, 2022, and the film will prioritize the story of a little boy. These small children will be kidnapped by a magician who is actually a The Grabber, and a little boy who was kidnapped will be locked and held captive in the basement is soundproof. Finney these small children, trying to escape by relying on the black phone broke that he had found earlier.

Nope – July 22, 2022

Furthermore, there is the thriller of Nope planned release in 2022. Not much information given on this film, but some information to the cast and director who directed the film Nope. Based on the page IMDB.com film, Nope directed by Jordan Peele and will be starring a number of actors and actress, including Keke Palmer, Michael Wincott, and Daniel Kaluuya.

Salem’s Lot – September 9, 2022

Salem’s Lot is a thriller film adapted from one of the best novels on the work of Stephen King with the same title. The Film itself focuses on the figure of the character named Kurt Barlow that is described as a vampire who has a creepy face and also loves to kill humans. The action performed by Kurt Barlow is kidnapped by the population in the village of salem’s Lot and turn it into a fellow vampire, and then infect the vampire virus to other people.

Previously, salem’s Lot also been appointed to be a live action version in the form of a mini-series in 1979 and 2004. Meanwhile, according to the page IMDB.com, the film salem’s Lot, the version of 2022 will be directed by Gary Dauberman and also involves a number of actors and actresses, among them; William Sadler, Alfre Woodard, and Spencer Treat Clark.

Halloween Ends – 14 October 2022

Movies of Halloween of course is a thriller that must you guys have to watch it all if you are a fan of horror movies. In the movie titled Halloween Ends, which will air on October 14, 2022, the film was rated is a film that will tell the end of the regime killer Myers, but because there is a supernatural ability then of course it is difficult to ascertain what is true or not.

Evil Dead Rise (HBO Max)

Evil Dead Rise is the latest movie of the series Evil Dead the planned airing on HBO Max. Directed by Lee Cronin and executive producer by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead Rise follow Beth (Lily Sullivan) who are tired on the road visiting his older sister Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland), who is raising her three children alone. apartment LA narrow. A brief reunion is interrupted by the findings of a book mystery within the apartment building inhabited by Ellie. It turns out that a mysterious book that actually conjures up the demons that thirst for blood.

Hellraiser (Hulu)

Hellraiser is a project of reboot of the classic film with the same title that was released in the year 1987. The Film is based on the novel of horror Clive Barker entitled The Hellbound Heart. Released in 1987, Hellraiser was initially tells the story of an unfaithful wife and trying to help her lover who had died in his escape from hell. Pinhead is a notorious criminal and one of the iconic characters called Cenobites. The character of this terrible invoked using puzzle boxes antique. Unfortunately, the Upstream hasn’t shared the exact date when this thriller will be released soon.

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn is a thriller that will be the fourth film and a reboot in the series of the film Jeepers Creepers . The Film is scheduled to be released by Screen Media Films in the year 2022.


It’s her recommendations thriller year 2022 that you must anticipate. Don’t forget to collect your money from now to watch the rows of thriller year 2022 this. Happy Try!

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